Terms of use

Welcome to the Bergen 2017 Image Bank. These photos from the UCI 2017 Road World Championships are provided by the city of Bergen for Norwegian and international press. By downloading any photo from this site, you agree to the following:

The photos can be used by Norwegian and international press. The photos cannot be used for commercial purposes such as postcards, T-shirts or advertisements.

The use of photos in contravention of the lending conditions will result in you being invoiced for their use at the individual photographers’ current rates. The price will depend on the use and the size of edition. In addition a penalty charge of NOK 5,000 per photo applies.  

The use of images in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above is free. If you are in doubt about whether your use complies with the guidelines for borrowing from the image database or if you wish to use the photos for other purposes, please contact information officer Katarina Lunde at the Municipality of Bergen at katarina.lunde@bergen.kommune.no

Onward distribution of photos to other users is not permitted.

All photographs used must be credited as instructed, for example “Photo: Eivind Senneset / Bergen kommune”.

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